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Option 1

Proof on the broadcasted advertisement or the program in form of official reference.
The reference includes the formal record with explanation text on the company’s blank with the stamp and CD or DVD with the recording of the mentioned by client time band. The reference is possible to provide for no longer than 45 days back from date of current date.

Option 2

Analytical report based on advertising monitoring which includes only information about the advertising campaign of the applicant and may refer only to one group of products or services.
The report may contain at least one of the following features:
Advertiser: The value is defined either by direct  of the company’s name or the name of the producer in the commercial. It may have 2 values at the same time . E.g.: exporter /importer format.
Block size: The quantity of the commercials in the advertising block.
Brand: The brand name of the advertised product or service.
Category: The group of the advertised product or service.
Commercial summary:  The description of the commercial.
Inside/between: This index shows if the commercial was shown during the same program or between different programs.
Ins: The quantity of the commercials.
Name: The name of the advertised product or service.
Position in block: The category in the advertising block.
Price: The approximate price of the commercial which is counted like The price of the commercial for the time zone without VAT/the length of the commercial. The prices are officially provided by the TV channels and don’t include discount or other opportunities.
Product: Advertising product or service.
Program after: A program broadcasted after the advertising block.
Program before: A program broadcasted before the advertising block.
The characteristics of television
Cov shows the quantity of the target group who saw the commercial with % or with absolute numbers (#, 1000 people) .
GRP shows the sum of the ratings for the particular time period with % with absolute numbers (#, 1000 people). It can also be like 30’ GRP.
OTS shows the average quantity of the views with % or with absolute numbers (#, 1000 people) .
RAT shows the quantity of the audience based on the whole combination (urban population, 4+ years old) with % with absolute numbers (#, 1000 people).
Avr: The average rating for one commercial with % or with absolute numbers (#, 1000 people) .

Option 3

The advertising analysis monitoring package which includes the main characteristics of the TAM data and all the advertisement (for the client and competitors). This package allows to make analysis of the competitors according to one category of the product or service.

Option 4

Analytical software  Installation for the client which allows the following:
The free training of the user authorized by the client and the consultation if needed + continuously support.
Usage of the  repository of programs and advertising monitoring since 01.01.2008
Daily update of the data ( included the non working days and weekend) at 10:00 for the TAM data of the previous day and at 13:00 for the last day’s broadcasted programs and for the advertising monitoring for the day before yesterday
Creation, export, printing of any type of analysis etc.